What nobody tells you about apartment living

Living in an apartment is par for the course for many of us, especially if you’re a city dweller. And there are many things nobody tells you about apartment living, so let me give you fair warning.

If you’re considering moving from a house to an apartment sometime soon, this is what you’re in for.

Things that go bump in the night

When I say ‘things’ I mean ‘people’. Specifically, your neighbours.

If you’re in an apartment complex, the walls can be paper thin. And if your neighbours are the noisy type, if you know what I mean… well, let’s just say you’re in for a restless sleep.

Bed time may not be so silent in apartment living. Picture: realestate.com.au/buy

Not only is noise an issue, but air pollution, too. In my old apartment, I could smell the fumes every time my neighbour lit up his special cigarettes.

What’s a dining room?

City apartments come with this cute space that agents like to call an ‘open plan living and dining room’. But truth be told, there is no space for a dining table.

It’s wise you purchase a stable table for your lap prior to moving, because all meals will be consumed on your sofa in front of the TV.

Don’t feel like you’re missing out, though, most of us in homes have dining tables and still eat in front of the tele.


Good luck finding your car

Parking around your apartment building is likely to be non-existent. Or if there are spaces, there are some cunning residents whose cars never seem to move from them.

It’s likely you’ll spend up to 20 minutes finding a parking spot every evening when you get home from work.

And in the morning, locating your car will be a job for Detective Benson and the rest of the crew from SVU. Congratulations, you’re a victim of apartment living.

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