Dato’ Haji Abdul Hamid Bin P.V. Abdu

History and Milestones

Since 1993, over the decade, founder Dato’ Haji Abdul Hamid Bin P.V. Abdu (D.I.M.P) and a highly talented team and our willingness to innovate, we Ehsan Auctioneers Sdn Bhd are known for setting new benchmarks of excellence in property’s auction line. With our extensive experience in auction property and community transformation, we have grown into a Property Developer ( 2005) marked by our reputation and impressive property portfolio.

EHSAN PLANT & PROPERTY SDN BHD – we are a Property Development Company, Our team is totally dedicated to being updated, informed, determined and progressive. We are focused on the tasks at hand but remain dedicated to our long-term goals & vision.

EHSAN PLANT & PROPERTY SDN BHD’s objectives include ensuring that flexible and innovative property solutions are created to meet our customers’ needs, and at the same time delivering solid returns to our investors.

From our onset 1993, we are building our business on the foundations of strong beliefs and deeply held values of how we work as individuals. We truly believe that people make a company what it is, & a company’s values come from the people within. They give a company its soul and its reason for being. We are a company who passionately believes in creating better futures for people and communities.

About Us

We believe in the “Art of Development” and remain focused on keeping abreast of the industry forefront. We pride ourselves on coming from a place of creativity, knowledge & expertise, superior communication and an ability to deliver extraordinary results …Consistently!

EHSAN PLANT & PROPERTY SDN BHD is fast becoming known for our visual conceptualization and delivery of quality properties. We invest in creative architecture that makes quality affordable.

“EHSAN PLANT & PROPERTY SDN BHD properties are created; not by strength, but through our visionary strategies, principle based transactions, perseverance & skilful execution”

Ehsan Property group photo

EHSAN PLANT & PROPERTY SDN BHD has developed our own in-house system to identify potential Development sites and Opportunities. We implement our systems of critical analysis and we locate & find unique Development opportunities in prime regions.

Vision -always looking outside the box & identifying opportunities

Innovation – we work with professional architects and designers who are always looking at how we can push the boundaries of innovation, whilst being mindful of cost

Inspiring, intelligent solutions – solutions that allow us to make fast decisions based on facts & figures

Pushing boundaries – always pushing the boundaries on our projects

Dynamic partnerships – working with like minded people and companies to accomplish our goals

Fast decision making – we are a dynamic team who is totally focused on the tasks at hand